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TV personality, Josie Gibson, 26, came to Lifehouse spa in Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex, to chill out from her hectic work schedule.
Having won the TV game show Big Brother in 2010, Josie was the first contestant to go in and the last one to go out and never once faced the public vote. Josie then went straight into Ultimate Big Brother where she had to walk out as it was too overwhelming as Josie didn’t see herself as a ‘celebrity’. Life from then on has been hectic. From launching her own perfume this year to filming a documentary about her crazy life: “When I first came out of Big Brother, the public reaction was amazing, people were so lovely. But it did take me three hours to do my food shopping due to people wanting pictures and a chat which I didn’t mind. Since then I haven’t stopped!”
Josie is now a spokesmodel for Curvissa Clothing, which is a fashion line for plus size fashion, sizes 14-32. As well as this, Josie regularly presents on OK! TV as their Showbiz Reporter and has her own agony column in OK! Magazine. “I came to Lifehouse spa to rejuvenate myself as I have been so busy at work. I love the fact that you have all the different classes, so can pick and choose what you want to do. Also, it’s not very pretentious here and the people here are so friendly and genuine which makes me feel so comfortable. I felt I could walk round with no make-up and happily take a class on my own.”
It was not Josie’s first time to Essex as she has been many times before. “I love it here and I would definitely think about moving here as you can get into London so easily, yet have all the countryside here. I seem to click with the Essex people here as well, as Bristol folk are quite laid back like they are and up for a laugh.”
Josie has started to get into exercise out as a way of making her feel good and stay focussed. “For once, I feel I am now starting to balance everything with my work, friends and family which became hard in the beginning. I take time out for myself now by working out which I never used to do” she explained. Josie’s top tip for someone to get into fitness for the first time is to “start with one hour a week, then two, then three. Build it up gradually and your body will begin to love it. You must always treat yourself too. If you have a goal or a treat then you are more likely to do the exercise and feel no guilt.”
Josie took advantage of the Fitness Team at Lifehouse and tried lots of classes whilst she was here. “I was worried about not having my personal trainer here as I love working out, but I didn’t need to worry as the whole Lifehouse fitness team looked after me from start to finish. They are so motivating and full of knowledge. I tried classes such as Nordic Walking and Playtime which is a mix of fun exercises, that I wouldn’t have done before had it not been for the team who put me at ease. I also had personal training here and I now have exercises I can do at home. I feel fit, healthy and raring to go!”
Another tip that Josie gave is to have a favourite song that you play when you want to be motivated or feel down; “Everyone has a song that belongs to them and mine is Because I Am a Queen by India Arie. I feel the lyrics really lift me- ‘I’m not the average girl from your video and I ain’t built like a supermodel. But, I learned to love myself unconditionally.’ Every time I hear that song I’m ready to go again.”
Josie also had the BABOR Body Shaping; Tone Zone treatment focusing on the lower body, which firms and detoxifies, boosts circulation, metabolism and skin functions. “Wow, this treatment is lush and I’m taking home the plaster cast, I feel like it has totally lifted and smoothed my bottom half!” she exclaimed. Josie also had the Life…Style Face, which is a facial to plump and refresh your skin. She added; “This is just what I needed as I live in London and I do find my pores get blocked. I feel much fresher now and I love my glow. I’m definitely coming to Essex and Lifehouse spa again, and next time I’m bringing all my friends!”
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