One Year Twitter Party Vid List

We held a twitter party to celebrate a year passing since Josie won Big brother here are the list of video links that we posted to mark the event :-

  • To celebrate Josie's 1 year anniversay of winning big brother lets start our twitter party with this CLICK HERE
  • And i just have to see this once again best night ever CLICK HERE
  • And this interview just reminds us why she won with the biggest percentage ever CLICK HERE
  • But really we must start at the begininng this always cracks me up CLICK HERE
  • Another one of my favourites CLICK HERE
  • This was made to celebrate the anniversary of the start off bb11 its such a fabulous video CLICK HERE
  • And this because even now Miss Gibson doesn't realise how bloody beautiful she is inside and out CLICK HERE
  • lets have some fun, I just love this clip CLICK HERE
  • A bit of music that charted a second time because of bb last year CLICK HERE
  • lets remember the whole of bb11 it was the best big brother by far CLICK HERE
  • lets have another video clip CLICK HERE
  • sorry just getting a cup of tea, thought this was appropriate lol CLICK HERE
  • And Josie's favourite song while I pop to the loo CLICK HERE
  • Also cant have a twitter party without this piece of music CLICK HERE
  •  There were lots of video's made thoughtout Josie's time in the house here is one of them CLICK HERE
  •  another fantastic video made by the ever so fantastic  (me lol) CLICK HERE
  • Another song that reminds me of the last year CLICK HERE
  • and this one I can resist re-living what a fantastic night that was well done Josie a great winner  CLICK HERE
  • So finally to  to the best year ever, the best winner ever & too another fantastic year supporting you always 

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