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Plus Size Model of the Year Award has been announced as Lizzie Haines and Josie was the Runner up  a fantastic result as face of curvissa with  32% of the public vote to Josie and the winner Lizzie Haines with 36%
Plus Size Role Model of the Year Results were nul and Void check out the reasons for this result HERE

incase the site gets deleted after its over 


 An article by Sarah    Date Article Added Posted December 19, 2011
Well I must say what a weekend I have had regarding this award . When setting up the first online plus size  awards it was intended to reward those people who had made a difference to the Plus Size Community. However in fact it seems that only this one award seems to have turned into a full scale war!!!
Before I carry on I want to, once and for all, state that 100percentpeople has no allegiance to any individual or retailer and was set up to help to provide a platform for everything plus size.  It is therefore not in our interest to make any specific person or retailer a winner in any of the categories.
However since Friday night I personally have been bombarded with accusations of fixing the votes, blocking people from voting (which as it picks up the vote from people’s IP address’s would be impossible unless it was a blanket block)  and reducing actual votes !
I have had people on the phone stating that the figures for one lady had been reduced while at the same time receiving screen shots for the same time showing higher figures. In fact I was sent many screenshots which were totally inconsistent. One minute the figures had been reduced by 300, then 200, then 100, again no consistency.  In fact the email and facebook abuse has been quite horrendous.
I have also found my actual words of the past few weeks being turned to suit certain people’s intentions !!
So I decided to spend all that night and all day Saturday looking further into various Twitter and Facebook threads and to my horror found some vindictive and quite nasty comments about one nominee, Josie Gibson. In my mind, and not knowing the young woman apart from a two minute meeting in September at a fashion launch, wonder what she could have done to deserve this!
I have been sent information via email and also a colleague found some, on how both ‘armies’were  trying to ‘cheat’ the system. However after spending hour after hour trawling through voting logs I have only found evidence of this on Elisa D’Ospina’s  with the additional insult that she had  been chosen by certain individuals to stop Josie Gibson winning.
Further to all of the above actions all the voting logs have been checked and they are all in order.
So the outcome of this is that not only does this fiasco have an effect on these two unsuspecting young women but also on the ones that could have possibly won if this ‘war’ had not taken place .
So it is my decision that this award has become null and void to make this fair to every one concerned.
What I personally cannot understand is as there is no actual prize this year, maybe I am a little naive, why this could or should happen!
Unfortunately to my dismay this whole award has been ruined by the mindless actions of possibly just a few individuals.
However I am  going to highlight the top six women in this category and each and everyone of you can choose who in YOUR view is YOUR  favourite ‘Female Role Model’.
So here are the six in no particular order…….
  • Theary Sim
  • LaTonya Clark
  • Josie Gibson
  • Elisa D’ospina
  • Georgina Horne
  • Kristina Rowe
I would love to hear from each and everyone of these so that I can showcase them in their true light.
We are in the planning, as we speak, for the 2012 Plus Size Awards which will be bigger and better and have now been set to ensure that this situation will never happen again.
Thank you to all of those who have given the awards their genuine support.

Kathryn ''''''

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