Josie Gibson The Face of Curvissa

A naturally curvy woman with a fantastically feminine figure, 
Josie’s  style is as bold
 and assured as she
 photo jose.jpgThe multi-coloured maxi dress she chose for her leaving show is a classic example of confident styling, bursting with colour for a look that is bold and bright, flattering her figure with a couple of subtle style, celebrating her curves with a confident and fashionable wardrobe.A striking style with a great impact, Josie’s look can be easily achieved using items from Curvissa’s comprehensive collection of clothing, giving you a fantastic outfit that is primed for summer.

For a real burst of colour, choose our multi-coloured bright maxi dress as your outfit’s centrepiece, perfect for creating flowing lines that sweep over your silhouette to create a smooth shape. The V-neck cut to the neckline helps draw attention to the upper half of the torso and is a great asset for ladies of a larger bust, while a square or rounded neckline is ideal for more modest chests.
As well as being a firm fashion trend this season, bright colours also help distribute attention across the entire outfit, giving you a more balanced appearance and leaving you free from the fear that one part of your figure is hogging the limelight – for good or bad reasons.
By continuing the bright colour scheme onto your shoes you can really bring your outfit together. An alternative would be to select shoes of a single solid colour to ensure attention remains on your magnificent maxi – just choose whatever suits your style and the occasion.
Adding accessories is also a great way to round off your outfit. Taller ladies can carry off larger pieces, with long necklaces and bold, chunky jewellery a fantastic look for you. Those of more petite proportions can achieve a similarly balanced look by opting for smaller accessories to avoid looking overloaded.
The fun of fashion is definitely in experimenting with looks and styles that suit your individual shape, so why not browse our range and select your favourite pieces to get the look for yourself.

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