Josie's Diet Tips

Josie's Diet Tips

Herbal Tea  - Ive discovered a really nice Herbal Digestif by Conscious Food. its made using hand picked organic herbs and helps aid digestion.
Beetroot  - Im obsessed with beetroot at the moment, Ive been using it in my blender and having a shot in a morning and one in the afternoon if im feeling lethargic. Its really good for stamina, blood pressure and making your muscles work properly, but beware ..... it can be scary when you go to the loo !
Peanuts  -  One of my fav things is salted peanuts, but there not very good for you, so ive got an alternative, Get some almonds, rub a bit of coconut oil on them and then dip them in home made garlic salt, so tasty and a lot healthier 
Crystalized Coconut  -  Ive discovered organic crystallized coconut nectar by a brand called Tiana, which is a fab replacement for processed, refined sugar. And its much better than coconut sugar because it contains important nutrients  Its a bit more expensive than your Tate & Lyle but if it means helping you keep the pounds off, than its worth every penny !
ICE CREAM TIP -  Ive been making home made ice cream lately and instead of using double cream, ive been using coconut cream as a healthier alternative. I added some bananas and honey into the mixture and it tasted divine. Ive also heard that almond butter and pure peanut butter work well instead of cream, so im going to give that a whirl next time im making it
DIET TIP -  Ive recently found out that food labels could miss count calories by up to 25 percent, and that in the UK many nutrition labels fail to account for the calorific value of fibre  i would advise people to stop counting calories completely and just focus on healthy eating and exercise. If i counted my calories, it'd probably be more than the required daily amount, but that doesn't mean i put on weight. Its not about how much you eat, but what you eat.
HOMEMADE PROTEIN BARS -  Ive recently discovered protein powder from Rawilcious, which i've been using to make protein bars. You mix together two scoops of it with a cup of organic porridge, some natural peanut butter from Holland & Barrett and 1 3/4 cups of Koko Dairy free milk, before shaping it into two bars and popping them in the fridge. Its basically a substitute for a chocolate bar, but the protein helps to build muscle, so its a healthy yet tasty snack.

FIRM BUM -  Ive been doing an exercise where I lie down on my side with my back against a wall then i raise my top knee as far as it'll go, with mu feet together and touching the wall. Then i raise my top knee as far as it'll go, with my feet together, Do this 20times on each side and repeat three times and you'll soon see the difference.

FRUIT LOLLY -  Ive discovered the best healthy 
 snack for summer. Put some grapes on a barbecue 
 stick and pop them in the frezzer for a few hours. 
 Voila - your own homemade, healthy fruit lollipop!

PIZZA EXPRESS - They have got a new salad on 
 the menu its called Leggera Superfood Salad, which 
 includes spinish, butternut squash, beetroot, avocado  
 lentils and mozzarella  Its less than 300 calories, 
 which is bloody great for such a tasty salad.

TEA  - Ive discovered a tea that helps me curb my 
 cravings for sugar. Its a mix of liquorice and peppermint 
 by Teapigs and tastes like a bag of sweets. I have two 
 cups a day.

ALPHABET LEGS - My personal trainer James Stark,
 taught me a new trick the other day and i love it he said 
 to lie down on the floor and write the alphabet in capital 
 letters with your legs. You put both legs together, 
 lift your bum slightly from the floor and keep your 
 arms by your sides. Ive been doing it twice a day 
 and i can really feel it working on my core and my bum

GYM SLACKING - ive been slacking a little so been
 taking vitamin D supplements, as i found out it helps
 speed up the fat burning process, ive also reduced 
 my caffeine intake because i noticed my skin was 
 looking like a dead persons - i was grey! So ive
 started drinking green tea with lemon instead.

THIRSTY WORK - Ive been going to gym with a few 
 friends i much prefer going to gym with other people 
 i know because its a good motivation. We've been 
 concentrating on our legs, so we do lots of squats 
 and push - ups and use the kettle bells. Ive been 
 trying to drink more water as ive noticed more 
 crows' feet around my eyes in the last few weeks, 
 which means im dehydrated. So ive been drinking 
 at least 2.5 liters of water a day.

JUMPING JOISE - After putting on a few pounds 
 after a boozy blowout the other week, im back down 
 to 10st 2lbs after working out over for days in a row. 
 I know ive mentioned it befor, but skipping really is
 a brilliant way of shaping up. Buy a ropw - you can 
 get one with a calorie count, which is great for 
 motivation, I did 40 minutes of the 30 second slim - 
 so i skipped for 30 seconds, then had a 10 -20 second 
 break and so on. Ive been doing it in the house. 

ENDORPHINS - If you're going to exercise, do so 
before brekky, It'll put you in a good mood for the 
day by getting the endorphins going and once you've 
worked out, you're less likely to have a stodgy breakfast.


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