Josie Gibson - " Got Thin Got Fat Again " TV Doc


Josie Gibson will be in a NEW Documentary " Got Thin Got Fat Again " Monday 11th Nov at 9pm ch5!

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  1. Fan mail? Ego..ego..ego..

    But anyway, call me crazy but I think Josie might have looked better if she had never dieted in the first place. Some people are MEANT to be on the fat side. The photo of Josie running in on the beach is HORRIBLE but what you're looking at isn't the result of fat, it's the result of yo-yo dieting.

    +++ a warning to all fat people who want to get thin +++

    You can only drop the fat ONCE. Small changes in body shape aren't an issue but radical a radical change from fat to thin IS a big deal. It's one time, and one time only! As you become fat the first time, your skin stretches to fit your body but it cannot return to shape multiple times, the second time you repeat that cycle, you will be left with loose skin - and that's what happened to Josie.


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