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By Josie Gibson - MONDAY 09 JUN 2014
Week 1: Pauline's got the power, Danielle's got mixed up and Marlon's got the Phwoar Factor
Hey guys! I'm so excited that Big Brother is back and that I get to blog about it every week! 
I'm still waiting for life in the house to spice up – I definitely need to see some fireworks. But I think the housemates can all definitely hold their own this series, so I am expecting it to kick off soon. For me, Helen and Danielle are the ones to watch right now. I mean, Helen is so judgmental – and how can she be, given her history?  I do feel bad, but I quite like her character. That said, I can't help but feel sorry for Coleen Rooney. Can you imagine what she's going through? She's a fan of the show but I can't imagine she'll be watching this year.
Danielle, (AKA Little Miss Prim and Proper), clearly has the biggest game plan. She's trying to make out she's whatever when she's a glamour model and claimed she slept with Dexter Koh from last series (he denies this).  Don't go making out that you don't like talking about penises when you've done an interview about Dexter's willy, love.  Personally, I think she's very insecure and she doesn't know what to be like. I don't think she has very many friends. Toya is my favourite, though. She's just like one of my mates. The fact she brought her fanny spray into the house and told the whole nation she uses it makes me think: 'go on, girl!'
Pauline's power trip - Pauline was my favourite housemate on day one (although it's now Toya). I don't think this power thing (a great twist by the way, BB), has gone to her head yet. Pauline seems very loyal and kept close to her own people. I think she got the wrong end of the stick with the Chris though – who I LOVE. She took his comments about weeing in the kitchen way too seriously. And she was VERY clever with the whole Helen in the final decision. Related article: Big Brother 2014: Most shocking must-see moments so far     Who's really going to vote for a finalist who slept with a married man and sold the story to a national newspaper? Very smart move.
I do worry that Pauline is getting quite used to the power thing, though. I wonder how many people will be licking her a**e when she gets stripped of it?  If it was up to me, I'd definitely be giving my killer nomination to Danielle. Can you imagine me in the house with her? She'd find me grotesque! But I think she'll vote for Matthew, as I don't think she's taken to him.
Here come the boys - I'll tell you what: That Marlon? Phwoar! He has COMPLETELY won me over. He's so FIT. For me he should definitely win the alpha male position. Or maybe Ash, as he's quite cool and relaxed. I'm having lots of fun watching Stephen chat up Kimberly too, as he's got no chance! She's quite sweet and I think she should definitely hold out. She just doesn't look interested. Also, was it just me or was the whole Tamara and Winston thing quite awkward? I mean, who jumps in a bathtub with someone they've just met?! It didn't seem natural. I think they know that if you couple up you get loads of attention. It's bit like me and John James – just a shame we did't realise until we came out of the house!
Year of the game plans - There are lots of game players this year. Everyone in the house seems to know their stuff and can definitely hold their own. They're all desperate to win. At the moment they are all keen to impress one another but from my experience, it only takes about a week for people to forget about the cameras and really be themselves. These first few days are important for everyone to hold their own otherwise you get forgotten about. If no one is making an impact on you then you put them up for eviction.  Danielle and young Ashleigh will struggle the most as they'e just not gelling with anyone. Pauline might be caught out when she loses her power too as she'll really start to learn who's who.  But to be honest, I think most of them would just struggle in life really...

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