Josie Gibson's Big Brother blog : Post 2

Josie Gibson's Big Brother blog: Pauline's power trip, missing Tamara and clever nominations

By Tuesday 17 Jun 2014
Week 2: Pauline lets the power go to her head, Helen should be ashamed of herself and Chris causes paranoia ...................... Hey guys! I've turned into a Big Brother-mad lunatic this week. Not only am I watching this series but I've also decided to catch up on my own after four years. I've got the show coming out my eyeballs! I'm enjoying it all but I've definitely turned into a Big Brother recluse. But oh my god, it's turned into a proper stressful house this week. It's like a pressure cookerin there and everyone is feeling it.
I am LOVING Chris being the new Power Housemate [Channel 5Chris and his nominations  I am loving that Chris is the new Power Housemate, but I can't tell if he's acting or not. I have to remind myself he's an actor at times. I'm paranoid and I'm not even in there!  Voting for Pauline was an easy decision for him as he's always been wary of her – and I think hearing the boos on Friday night's eviction show just helped him realise he was right. It was a cheap blow but she had it coming. Seriously, if someone wants an extra bit of food, let them have it! For me personally, I'd like to see Danielle go up. She looked like the cat that got the cream when she was saved from eviction. Plus, she just so contradictory it makes my head hurt.  Ash shouldn't be up either – I like him –  but other than that, I think Chris has got it spot on. Steven will probably go just for being such a wet lettuce. I mean, he can never look his mates in the eye again after that crying performance, surely?  Me and Pauline would not get on in the house, especially if she wouldn't let me have more chicken! [Channel 5]
Pauline's power trip - I kept saying Pauline was my favourite last week but she's turned into a right cow. The power trip went right to her head and now she thinks she owns the whole house! In the outside world me and her would probably get along really well but I couldn't live with her. There would be fireworks – 100 per cent. Telling me I can't eat? I don't think so, Pauline. The other housemates – including my fave, Toya – are disappointing me too, it's like they've turned into Pauline's puppets. If she goes home this week, there will be new dynamics to the house for sure. I think she holds people back from being themselves. 
I was sad to see Tamara go, I was just warming up to her and Winston [Channel 5]
 Missing Tamara - I'm really upset that Danielle didn't go as I think Tamara has more to offer. I did think her romance with Winston was fake at first, but I started to see they really did like each other and I do love a TV romance!  I think she would have slept with him too if she stayed in the house longer. I'm hoping the housemates start standing up to Helen this week [Channel 5] This week -  It's such a game playing house this year and I would like to see them have a bit more of a laugh to be honest. They're all very aware of themselves and they've forgotten to have fun!  Every time they put that Playboy girl on [Kimberly] I just think of that Snoopy dog that talks really slow. She's a bit miserable. You're in the Big Brother house, come on!  It's a very negative household and I don't know if that's Pauline putting a big black cloud over everyone. I'd also like to see the housemates stand up to Helen. Her argument with Danielle (even though I don't like her) was disgusting as well as with Christopher and Jale. They should really be ashamed of themselves.   But Jale could win because of all this. She's taking it on the chin and the public love to support that kind of character.I think Jale could win after her rows this week [Channel 5]

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