Josie Gibson - Top Tips for keeping the weight off

Love Food
1. Make time to move whether it be walking the kids to school, cycling into work, hitting the gym or at home with a fitness DVD. Make Time and incorporate it into your life like a job that you have to do.
2. Do Not keep rubbish in the cupboards. If you keep naughty food in the cupboard you are going to eat it and if you are anything like me its always late at night.
3. Be organised with your meals. Roughly know what you are going to have and do not let your self get hungry as this is when you reach out for something unhealthy.
4. Always read your food labels and check the ingredients, If you don't recognize or can not pronounce most of the packet don't even bother. If sugar comes up as the top ingredients that's what it contains the majority of.
5. If you know you have a passion for something naughty, find the healthy alternative, You can make healthy ice cream, pizza, fish and chips- just find what you like but a better version of making it so its good for your body.
6. Weigh AT LEAST once a week. All this is doing is measuring where you are- think of it as mini report. You would have a report to check whether you are good at your job so why not where you are with your body. I always go for a body scan once a month at James Starks gym in Bristol.
7. Stay motivated by joining a slimming group or hiring a PT or making a pact with friends- its always easier with other people
8. Track your progress when losing weight, 98% of people who track their progress succeed.
9. Look at yourself in a swimsuit in the mirror from time to time. This way you can look at your body and design it how you would like. You can literally design your body to whatever you want it to be- think of yourself as an architect and your body as the foundations.
10. I always choose HIIT training over any other sort of training. This for me helps me lose weight fast and affectively gives me a nicer shape.
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