Muckers Party !!

 Saturday, March 03, 2012 Josie threw a party for her fans in support of a charity close to her heart.
Josie's younger brother Harry was left profoundly deaf after being struck down by meningitis as a baby.
Josie says :-  "Seeing Harry in hospital all wired-up on the life support machine is one of my earliest memories,".
"It was touch and go for a while at the hospital and we nearly lost him. I know how lucky Harry is to have survived and there are many families who tragically lose loved ones to this terrible disease.  "When I was asked to name my charity of the year – Meningitis UK was the obvious choice. I want to help to raise money to support the work they do to try to prevent other people suffering at the hands of this disease in the future." 
This event raised a Amazing amount of Two thousand One hundred and Forty One pounds (2,141) for Meningitis UK  
There will be on going events though out the year 

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