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 Pauline Bennett's out, the first BB bonk and Toya Washington's big game plan

By Tuesday 24 Jun 2014
Week 3: Pauline Bennet is the second housemate to be evicted, Helen Wood continues to stir and Toya Washington lands herself in big trouble
Hey guys! I'm off to Ibiza this week but I've made sure I can stay tuned for all the Big Brother madness while I'm over there. It's going to be crazy!
I'm struggling with the house a little bit at the moment, it's just so negative. They don't seem to be enjoying themselves or the experience. So far it's all about rowing, bullying and arguing. I just want someone to crack a joke! Also, I know my Big Brother was appalling and messy but this is the messiest one I've ever seen in my life. They are vile! They just sit there surrounded by empty cans and rubbish. It's looks like they're sat in a rubbish bin. I was upset to hear how many boos Pauline got but she didn't do much to change my mind in her interview [Wenn]
Pauline Bennett is out The public made the right choice last Friday. I don't like seeing people booed but I was surprised she carried on giving Jale a bad time. She just couldn't give Emma Willis – who deserves a big well done for that interview by the way – a straight answer. Now she's out I think the house will definitely become a better place as she often told people where to sit and who not to talk to. Also, I think Big Brother should take away her power nominations (Jale is up for eviction every week and Helen has a pass to the final thanks to Pauline) now she's gone. And even though I don't like Helen, I do want to continue watching her. Plus, she has got quite a nice husky voice… I'm not convinced this romance is going to go the distance [Channel 5]
Big Brother romances Something HAS to happen between Helen and Ash! He does seem much more interested in her than she is him though. They could even be our first BB bonk! She's holding back her real feelings because she's worried about how people are perceiving her on the outside world. She probably thought that if she had a TV relationship, it would make her look worst than she already does. Kimberly definitely doesn't like Steven in the same way either. She's just staying with him because she's lost her friends Ashleigh and Danielle thanks to Helen. Also, did you hear Helen's chat with Kimberly about having a shower with Winston after his love interest Tamara left? My blood was boiling! I went to bed in SUCH a bad mood. I love Coleen Rooney though so I'm probably biased.  Toya Washington needs to be careful while she's the Power Housemate [Channel 5]
Watch it, Toya I still like Toya but she's definitely got her game head on. From my experience, I know that when you're in there, one little thing can be a massive deal. I understand why she can be perceived as aggressive. She's playing a massive game and she's very good at twisting things. With the BB twist this week – where one of the Power Housemates will face eviction – I think she could be in trouble, especially after she robbed all her mates of their nominations. Although to be honest, I think all housemates given the power will have a big downfall. I wouldn't like it myself because you set yourself up as a target and people don't forget what you've done to them. Danielle McMahon could be in trouble on eviction night [Channel 5]
Nominations Christopher and Danielle are in big trouble this week. Although I like him, I just don't find him that entertaining.  Also, I'm just bored of Danielle's act. I mean, is she seriously saying she's never had a discussion about a willy in her life? Alright then!
House advice At the moment, there's no one in there that strikes me as a winner. Mark is my early prediction but I'm just not sure. I thought Winston at the beginning but he hasn't brought a lot to the table since his love interest went. No one shines out. I couldn't put a bet on. I really want them all to start enjoying themselves. Everyone likes a b**** and a drama but it's getting too much. Their heads are so into the game, they've forgotten they're in the BB house.  I know you've got to do things you don't want to do but think with your heart and not with your head.  Mark Byron is the only one giving me the giggles at the moment [Channel 5]

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