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Josie Gibson's Big Brother Blog: Helen Wood's too aggressive, Ashleigh Coyle's a ticking time bomb and the house romance we didn't expect

By Monday 30 Jun 2014
Week 4: Ashleigh Coyle is ready to kick-off, Helen Wood's aggressive behaviour becomes too much and Marlon Wallen bags himself an unexpected romance 
Hey guys!
Things are getting a bit more positive in the house this week which is a great relief. I totally agreed with Mark when he kicked off after ANOTHER one of Helen's rows. There was an episode when they all finally cracked a smile and jumped into the pool together. It was really nice to see them all enjoy themselves. But as the house is full of naturally negative people, the tense situation was going to be inevitable.
I found myself disappointed over Toya's behaviour in the end [Wenn/Channel 5]
Toya Washington is out
She was my favourite at the start but I am glad that she went. Despite from being 'Hurricane Toya', she made this one comment that really annoyed me. She was mocking Marlon for working as an optician when that's actually a really good job. My brother is one!
All this stuff like 'I have a law degree' and 'I'm a presenter' is really stupid. No one likes a show off. Looking down your nose at people isn't a good quality.
Helen Wood is ridiculously loud and aggressive [Wenn/Channel 5]
Helen the bully
Helen has got herself into lots of trouble this week and to be brutally honest, she's just acomplete b***h. She doesn't care about anyone's feelings. It's all about me me me. 
If I was in the house with her we'd either be really good friends or arch enemies, there would be no in-between. I wouldn't be threatened but I can understand why people would be.
If you back down to someone like her she'll walk all over you. She's that person that if you give her an inch she'll take a mile. She's a bully.
Ash needs to watch his back too, although, his head is so far up her a*** he can't see things properly. Calling Jale a slug was not on.
Ash Harrison will have no troubles in and outside the house thanks to his good looks. Weird but true! [Wenn/Channel 5]
He does really likes Helen though so I don't think he'll be backing away anytime soon.
Although, handsome men usually get away with anything in the Big Brother house. It's really weird but they can!
Unexpected house romance
I'm loving Marlon and Jale's relationship! They proper love each other don't they?! Kimberly and Steven make me cringe, Ash and Helen are just argh but they proper get each other. I love it!
I'm loving Jale at the moment! I've proper warmed up to her [Wenn/Channel 5]
New housemates please!
I loved my new housemates when I was in the BB house and this year we could really do with some fun ones to lighten up the mood. I'm just sick of the rows. I'm going to bed in a bad mood!
They'll completely mix up the dynamics but I do remember finding myself getting quite territorial. It's really weird as it is your home and it's like you're opening it up to new people.
We are family
It's week four now and everyone should be feeling like family. You spend every minute of every day together so you form bonds really quickly. 
All those people that have been lying low start showing off their real personalities too which is why we need to keep an eye on Ashleigh.
There will definitely be fireworks this weeks with the girls in power and Ashleigh is a little ticking time bomb. When she goes, it's going to go off!
This one isn't going to make things easy while the girls are in power that's for sure [Wenn/Channel 5]

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